O & H Road-Show Nightmare

Marston Moretaine Eco-Town Action Group (MMETAG)

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Spectre of compulsory purchase looms over Marston Vale


In a dramatic new development villagers attending the first road-show by O&H Properties on the Marston Vale eco-town proposal heard existing homes could be under threat.


David Lock Associates, architects to the proposed development advised villagers their properties could be bought out, built around or subject to compulsory purchase.  Villagers reacted with disbelief at the road-show in Marston Moretaine village hall 28th August.  Exit polls of all those attending conducted by MMETAG members show an overwhelming 91% were totally opposed to the proposed eco-town.  Promised leaflets by O&H advertising the event failed to materialise throughout the majority of Marston Vale and posters by O&H only appeared in village shop windows that afternoon.  The exit polls also showed that 67% of attendees only knew of the road-show via the MMETAG.


Hugh Roberts, Chair of MMETAG said “the concerns of existing villagers were completely missing from the proposal despite O&H claims that the road-shows would focus on community engagement.  Indeed villagers saw their homes submerged or obliterated.  The only thing missing from the eco paradise on show was Adam and Eve”.


MMETAG have organised a protest march for Saturday September 20th at which Nadine Dorries MP will be present.  Further details available shortly (01234 768575 or visit http://www.MMETAG.com)


Note to Editors:

q   MMETAG spoke with 163 people leaving the road-show and asked the following question “Having seen the proposal do you agree, disagree or are unsure about it?”  The responses were:


Agree: 3 (2%)             Disagree 148 (91%)           Unsure 12 (7%)


q  The MMETAG was formed on June 24th to organise opposition to the eco-towns and has no political affiliations.


q Media representation welcome (ring  01234 768 575)



4 thoughts on “O & H Road-Show Nightmare

  1. Thank you for the comments relating to the latest press release.

    All press releases go to all local media – radio, TV and paper. In addition certain press releases also target national papers that have recently had articles on the subject e.g. Sunday Times.

  2. Hi
    Have you contacted the media yourselves?
    3 Counties – 01582 637444
    Chiltern – 01582 676240
    Horizon – 01908 269111

    Anglia News Channel 4 – 01604 624343
    Anglian TV 16 Park Street Luton LU1 2DP

    Happy to support the protest day.

    I was worried about compulsory purchase as that happened to my Grandparents land in Derbyshire in the 60’s and that was Greenfield land!

  3. Hi,

    Please find below the mail I sent on to O and H from their website. I also asked the question of them at their roadshow….

    I attended the roadshow after I was informed by a neighbour that it was on. Whilst there I asked the question “can you confirm that you will compensate me for the reduction in the value of my house due to the development”.

    The precedent for this has already been set when owners in Brogborough were compensated for the reduction in their home values.

    I still await your answer, however will follow this up at further meetings and with my local MP. Please do not let this stop you from responding at your earliest convenience.


    James Graham-Young

  4. David Lock is the former chairman of the TCPA who advised the government to build eco-towns. It’s therefore outrageous that he should be architect to a proposed eco-town.

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