2nd Round Consultation Roadshows

MMETAG have just been informed (29th October) that the Department for Communitites and Local Government is planning what it describes as a Stage 2 consultation on eco-town standards. They intend to host public roadshows on eco-towns on:


Friday 7 and Saturday 8 November in the Forest Centre, Marston from 0900 -1600
Saturday 8 November at the Howard Centre, Bedford from 0900 – 1800.

The DCLG says “The roadshow at the Forest Centre will be in a trailer format and the one at the Howard Centre will be a demountable exhibition but both will have material outlining the eco-town standards and have interactive material enabling people to have their say through electronic kiosks, video vox pops or writing comments on forms.

These exhibitions are part of a national programme and are focused on eco-town standards and the eco-town programme and are not about the detail of individual eco-town proposals.  It is important that people take part and give us their views on eco-towns standards and principles, whether or not they support the local proposed scheme.  Please take the opportunity to inform your parishioners of this forthcoming event.
We would also wish to emphasise that the material and interactive elements available at these roadshows will also be available through enhanced online content  through a new website www.directgov.uk/ecotownshaveyoursay that we will be launching shortly.  Stage 2 consultation will last for at least 12 weeks and we would emphasise the ongoing opportunity for local people to comment during that period.

Details of scheme proposals will be for the scheme promoters themselves to address but I [representative of DCLG] will be able to explain the national programme and the setting of minimum eco-town standards along with the selection process that the government is taking to identify potential eco-town locations as well as the next steps in terms of planning applications for any particular schemes.”

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