January 2009 Update

Programme of Action for 2009 includes:

Compiling a submission to the Housing Minister Margaret Beckett on the draft Planning Policy Statement (PPS) on eco-towns and the Marston Vale proposal. The submission will summarise our objections.

Organising a conference in 2009 to launch a coalition of opposition to the Marston Vale eco-town proposal. 

Meeting with Shelter on February 6th to challenge their social and affordable housing assumptions for Bedford Borough and Mid Beds.
Continuing to engage with the Council for Protection of Rural England (CPRE) and MK Friends of the Earth.
Engaging with other community based campaign groups skilled in direct action against developers.  

Organising a photo competition giving the community the opportunity to record those parts of Marston Moreteyne they cherish and which the proposed eco-town would destroy forever.

To date we have already:

Made representations to the Mid Beds District Council Members Local Development Framework Taskforce and endorsed that group’s report that the Marston Vale proposal does not meet the criteria for an eco-town as set down in the PPS. We have also engaged with the planning staff of Mid Beds who will also play a leading part in the new Central Beds Authority. Click Here to view transcript of presentation.  Engaged in the Bedfordshire Planning Consortium that represents all affected Parish and Town Councils.

Welcomed the dynamic contribution of Ghislain Pascal an Ampthill Town Councillor who will help us raise our profile in the media and forge a cohesive strategy of opposition. Click Here to view recent letter to Daily Telegraph.


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