Relauched – Refocused!

Dear Supporters

Thank you all for your ongoing support, emails and ideas.  The threat of O&H’s so called ‘eco-town’ really brought us together and showed what we can achieve when our community is under threat.  The Marston Vale continues to be the focus of unwarranted interested from developers with scant regard or interest in local communities, village life or rural landscapes.

The Marston Moretaine Eco Town Action Group was formerly relaunched as the Marston Moreteyne Action Group (MMAG) at our successful April conference.  We will continue to monitor the regional planning process both within the East of England and the South Midlands planning arenas as O&H are very clear they intend to return with most likely very similar new town proposals to their previous ‘eco-town’ proposals.  Keep checking our website (Name unchanged) for updates.

In addition, we remain concerned that the incinerator plans for Rookery Pit are unclear, have failed to engage the community in open and early debate and have led to a new large scale proposal for an incinerator by private operator Covanta which may well include transporting waste into the area from Buckinghamshire and elsewhere.  Please click here for to read their letter to local residents and details of the exhibitions.

You can leave a message for us by: clicking here to open the suggestion box ,click here to email us or by commenting on this post at the bottom of the page.  Tell us your views about the plans for Rookery Pit South.  Remember, current plans do not utilise the whole site.  Anything that is approved will by default create planning precedent on the whole site.  We’ve had Europe’s largest landfill site at Brogborough – what now!  Europe’s largest site for incinerators?

Your Action Group will continue to fight to preserve our rural environment and village life.  Click here to email us if you have some time to offer to get more involved in the activities of the group.

Hugh Roberts


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