Nadine Dorries hosts Public Meeting

Nadine Dorries MP hosts Public Meeting on Tourism and the Environment in Mid Bedfordshire -Saturday 26 September 14.00 -16.00
Marston Vale Forest Centre

Nadine has asked MMAG to help advertise this event which we will be attending:

“Dear All
You may remember I recently asked you to keep a date in order to attend the re-arranged public meeting on Tourism and the Environment in Mid-Bedfordshire. This meeting will be held at Marston Vale Forest Centre and the date has now been confirmed for Saturday 26 September 14.00 -16.00.

I would like to set out the aims and objectives of the meeting and do hope that you will be able to attend. As an MP, I am asked by many individuals, groups of individuals and organisations across the constituency, to represent their views with regard to development within Mid Bedfordshire.

Sometimes, the views of one group may conflict with those of another. There are many people within Bedfordshire who feel very strongly about what happens within the area they have chosen to live in order to move away from the urban sprawl of London, Bedford, Milton Keynes and many other parts of the country.

This was demonstrated by the number of people who contributed to the Parish Plan process, and who turned up to village and town halls, in order to let their views be known.

Unfortunately, The East of England Regional Assembly recently published a report announcing the intention of developers to build up 120,000 homes within Mid Bedfordshire. It is difficult to imagine that the village/town plan consultation process was even considered in the compilation of this report. Many residents and groups became angry at this news, not least myself.

I have always supported the idea of Mid Bedfordshire attaining its economic growth targets through tourism, as opposed to via industry or development.

Mid Bedfordshire remains the loveliest part of Bedfordshire with many jewels in its crown. Unfortunately the recent proposed eco-town development and other additional proposed developments would create an urban sprawl across Mid Beds from Milton Keynes, through Ampthill, Flitwick, Harlington and down as far as Sundon.

Our task is to ensure that we retain our unique character and advantage. It is not going to be easy; and if the last four years have taught me anything, it is that the effort will need to be co-coordinated and sustained.

Having witnessed the commitment of local groups in fighting off the proposed Eco Town, I am convinced that together, along with locally elected representatives, parish councils and campaign groups, we can organise ourselves into an effective constituency-wide force to be reckoned with.

The meeting will be chaired by former High Sheriff of Bedford and my own local Chairman, Cllr Andy Rayment. I have invited the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Communities and Local Government Iain Wright MP and the Shadow Housing Minister Grant Shapps MP to speak on a panel along with Cllr Tricia Turner, leader of Central Bedfordshire Council.

Members of the panel will each make a short presentation and then the floor will open up for questions. I will then close the meeting by asking people to assist me in forming three committees, Environment, Westminster Forum, and Tourism.  I will then seek advice to register each committee as an official amenities group for the purpose of planning consultation.

Over the next twelve months, I would like the role of all three committees to concentrate on developing a united purpose and vision for Mid Bedfordshire, based upon the opinions and views of local people; what is best for the environment; and in achieving objectives commensurate with Mid Bedfordshire as an area with high tourism value.

Obviously, as an MP who struggles to find enough hours in each day as it is, my job will be as facilitator and receiver.

The meeting on September 26th will be an important first step. As there are limited places available, I would be grateful if you could RSVP to to accept or decline the invitation.

Nadine Dorries MP
Member of Parliament for Mid Bedfordshire

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