MMETAG Eco-Town March 20/09/08

 A Voice Surely Heard Loud and Clear?

An ordinary day?  Saturday 20th September 10.30 a.m.  A quiet village street, a peaceful sunny day……. 700 people, a pony, wheel chairs, crutches, prams, dogs, balloons, whistles, drums, chants, placards and banners!  No, not an ordinary day!

A huge thank you to everyone who turned out to march and to say to “Caroline Flint – Take the Hint” no Eco? Town here – never.  The support on the streets from those unable to do the march was also appreciated.

After significant liaison with the Police we were allowed to partly close the A421 and ensure a community ignored finally had its voice heard. The march was covered by Chiltern and Three Counties radio, BBC Look East and Anglia TV who did excellent top story coverage in the early evening news and by the local papers Times and Citizen and with BoS even holding its next day front page to secure a photo and brief report.  The march also appeared on teletext.

Special thanks to Bedfordshire police who instigated a range of rolling road blocks and temporary road closures to ensure our safety and allow this community to make its unambiguous opposition to the proposed Eco?-Town loud and clear.

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