Councils Asked to Think Twice!

Press Release

MMAG has contacted all local authorities who have been targeted to send their waste to Bedfordshire asking that they spurn advances from Covanta who are desperate to secure contracts for its proposed incinerator in the Marston Vale.

MMAG are concerned that cash strapped councils may be easy prey for Covanta and urges councils to ensure that the environment rather than just cost is also considered in responding to any Covanta proposal.

MMAG believes that local councils should not export their waste to Bedfordshire and that Covanta’s plans for an incinerator would blight the countryside for generations to come with pollution from noise, traffic, toxic emissions as well as discouraging recycling and do nothing to reduce our carbon footprint.

MMAG also believes that local authorities should not hand over control of waste disposal to a single private company which would then have a stranglehold over costs for the future.

Stewart Long, MMAG Secretary said “Covanta may seem as cheap as chips today but the environmental costs will be immense. Every voter will be breathing emissions from the proposed incinerator so when the general election is called we hope voters will ask searching questions of the candidates. Every voter should ask candidates – are you opposed to Covanta or not?”

Note to Editors:

  • The MMETAG was formed on June 24th 2008 to organise opposition to the eco-towns and has no political affiliations.
  • MMETAG re-launched as Marston Moreteyne Action Group (MMAG) on 19th April 2009
  • Media representation welcome (ring 01234 768 575)

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