Covanta on the Run Claim MMAG

Press Release

Covanta have been forced to put back to mid July its application to the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC) for a giant incinerator in Rookery Pit South Bedfordshire following the:

• local NHS Primary Care Trust seeking further detail about the health impacts from noise, traffic and the anxiety to residents of living near an incinerator and

• huge volume of objections from concerned residents.

However, the future of the controversial IPC quango is also in doubt depending on the outcome of the General Election. The Department for Energy and Climate Change have yet to provide the IPC with guidance needed to judge any application.

According to Central Bedfordshire Council, Rookery Pit South has a restrictive covenant precluding any development of the site for waste management, recycling and other waste related activities. However, multi-national company Covanta seem focused on buying out the restriction regardless.

In Cheshire, Covanta’s plans for another incinerator have been thrown out by the local council who saw no clear need for the plant; fearful it would attract waste from outside the county.

Hugh Roberts, MMAG Chair said “The local people of Cheshire said ‘no’ to Covanta and were heard – Covanta will hear the same regarding Rookery Pit South – wrong location wrong solution”

Note to Editors:

  • The MMETAG was formed on June 24th 2008 to organise opposition to the eco-towns and has no political affiliations.
  • MMETAG re-launched as Marston Moreteyne Action Group (MMAG) on 19th April 2009
  • Media representation welcome (ring 01234 768 575)

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