BEaR Update – Waste contract attracts ten bidders

Ten waste management companies have entered into a competition to bid for Central Bedfordshire’s waste contract.

Each of the interested companies has completed a ‘pre-qualification questionnaire’, providing information about the company itself and evidence to demonstrate they are financially sound and capable of providing what the council needs. No information on proposed solutions or sites was requested at this stage.

Councillor Budge Wells, spokesperson for the BEaR Project said: “I’m very pleased with the numbers of bidders keen to invest in Central Bedfordshire, particularly under the current economic climate. With this many bidders in competition there is great potential for a range of solutions to come forward”.

“We look forward to working with the waste industry over the coming months to develop solutions which will divert as much waste as possible from landfill and are keeping an open mind as to what the final solution might be.”

The BEaR Project team will now evaluate the questionnaires so they can short-list the bidders to come forward with solutions that will best meet Central Bedfordshire’s needs. No final decisions are expected to be made on the type of technology or its location until 2012.

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