IPC to publish Covanta application and invite comments from the public

The paperwork for the Covanta proposal at Rookery South, Bedfordshire was accepted by the IPC on August 26th and will now proceed to the examination stage. The IPC is expected to publish all application documents and details of how and when to register to have your say on this proposal on the IPC website: ( www.independent.gov.uk/infrastructure ) shortly. The IPC are unable to accept comments until registration has opened.

MMAG will be registering obviously.

Sir Michael Pitt, Chair of the IPC, has said that:

“Of course, this does not mean that consent will be given for the project to go ahead – acceptance of the application simply means that the Commissioner(s) can begin to make arrangements for the formal examination of the application. Shortly, the public will be invited to register to have their say to us on the proposal. We look forward to hearing the views of all who have an interest, whether they object to or support the project. Everyone who registers to have their say can be sure that their views will be heard and considered by the independent IPC Commissioner(s) who will be appointed to examine the case”.

Covanta may also publicise the fact that its application has been accepted to proceed to IPC examination.

People who register may be entitled to: (1) give their views in writing to the IPC, (2) comment on the views of others, (3) attend a Preliminary Meeting and give their views on how the application should be examined (4) request, attend and ask to speak at an open floor hearing.

The application consists of a large number of documents which MMAG will be commenting on in due course.