MMAG supports new initiative from Central Bedfordshire

MMAG supports greater community influence and engagement in decisions that affect their lives. MMAG is happy to support this new initiative from Central Bedfordshire:

Do you live in Central Bedfordshire? Then Lets Talk Central!

Central Bedfordshire Council has set up a new website, to hear directly from residents what they think about where they live and how it can be improved. You can read what other residents have to say and add your own views through comments, photos or videos.

In particular the Council is working on a new Transport Plan for Central Bedfordshire, so why not take a look at the transport page and share your thoughts and ideas on how public transport can be improved in the future.

You can also keep up to date with new questions on and other Central Bedfordshire news including community news and events through facebook or twitter, so why not take a look and either “like” us on facebook, or “follow” us on twitter at to keep up to date.