Standing Room Only at Forest Centre !

It was standing room only at the Forest Centre on Saturday September 25th to hear Nadine Dorries MP rallying hundreds of concerned citizens to ‘do their bit’ and support MMAG’s campaign to fight of the Covanta plans for a monster incinerator in Rookery Pit, Bedfordshire.

The overwhelming turnout had people spilling into the corridors of the Forest Centre as they listened in horror to Nadine describing how the Covanta proposal “threatens to blight the quality of life for local people as well as impacting on tourism and property prices.” A representative from the Woburn Estates cited research on the detrimental effect the scheme would have on our Bedfordshire tourist industry. An immediate and dramatic example are plans by Covanta to compulsory purchase the entrance to the Water Sports Club on Green Lanes: a facility used by people as far away as Leicester and beyond. Covanta’s claims on the benefits of energy and toxic emissions were met with derision – especially with reports that Covanta once again face law suits in the USA over emitting excessive levels of a possible carcinogen (a substance that encourages the growth of cancer) for the second time in the last three years at a plant in Wallingford, Connecticutt

UPDATE! Covanta have confirmed that registration with the IPC to have your say is due to commence on 7th October [previously stated on the IPC website as 29th September] and run for 6 weeks until 19th November. Please visit the IPC website at to register. For more information regarding what you can say at registration – please Click Here.

MMAG, Town and Parish Councils believe it is vital that everyone registers. If you don’t register then you will not be able afterwards to make your views heard.

MMAG are supporting the Parish/Town Council initiative on mass registration.

Hugh Roberts