IPC Registration Now Open until 19th November

Registration with the IPC to enable you to have your say regarding the Covanta Proposal is now open until 19th November.  Please note if you do not register as an interested party before the deadline – you will not be able to make any comments or representations to the IPC at a future date.

During this registration stage you will be asked for brief comments –  at a later stage you will be given the opportunity to provide a more detailed written account of your views

Notes on the Application Form

  • Please note the application form is for each individual resident not 1 per household
  • You only have 500 words for your comments – so you need to be brief and to the point
  • The form states that if you do not make reference to a particular point or issue YOU are concerned about at this stage you will not be able to comment on that topic at any later stage – including the detailed written account – and/or any hearings
  • The form states your registration may be rejected if your comments are vexatious or frivolous.  How exactly they will judge that is open to question! We would recommend keeping comments concise and brief.

It is vital that as many residents as possible register.  To help inform responses MMAG have prepared a briefing paper [Click Here to View]  which lists in paragraphs 5 to 38 – a selection of points that people may want to use. We feel they are broadly representative of those issues of local concern to most people. However it is not an exhaustive list – there will be issues that are of equal concern e.g. climate change, hydrology, effect on recycling etc. Paragraphs 1 to 4 of the briefing paper set out the general context of the Covanta proposal and should not be referred to in your submission. The IPC could interpret paragraphs 1 – 4 as comments on “the merits of policy set out in a national policy statement”  – which they have stated as another reason registrations may be rejected.

Please visit http://infrastructure.independent.gov.uk/projects/eastern/rookery-south-energy-from-waste-generating-station/have-your-say/ to register.