Public Meeting re Covanta 30th October 2010 including talk by Prof Connett

Press Release from the office of Nadine Dorries MP:-

If anyone who is facing the same problem as we are in any other part of the country would like to come and hear what Professor Connett has to say, you are very welcome to attend but please call first to let us know in order that we can keep an eye on numbers.

The text of the release is as follows;

A visiting American professor and expert on waste, dioxins and sustainable alternatives to landfill and incineration is to attend a further meeting to be called by Nadine Dorries MP

Over 300 people attended a Covanta protest meeting organised by Nadine on Saturday at the Marston Vale Forest Centre.

Following on from the meeting, Nadine is inviting residents and those interested in opposing the Covanta proposal to attend a meeting to be held at the Rufus Centre in Flitwick on the morning of Saturday, October 30th at 10.30am.

Professor Dr Paul Connett Ph.D was described by Ralph Nader as “The only man I know who can make waste interesting” will be flying in for the weekend as the guest of Cynthia Bagchi.

Dr Connett has researched waste management issues for over 14 years and is a world-leading expert in incineration. He has given over 2000 talks in 52 countries with the aim of bringing clarity to the issue of incineration and sustainability.

Nadine said, ‘this is an exciting opportunity for us to drill down and discover the more technical objections we can raise to the Covanta proposal to build an incinerator the size of Wembley stadium in Mid Bedfordshire. We are very lucky to be able to have the Professor for the morning on Saturday and I urge as many people as possible to attend the meeting and hear what he has to say. We may glean a single piece of information which could just be the lifeline to ending this monstrous proposal’

In order to cover the cost of the Rufus Centre, attendees will be asked to contribute £2 each. Any remaining funds after the cost of the room has been covered will be donated to the Marston Moretaine Action Group.

DR. PAUL CONNETT Ph.D. CURRICULUM VITAE – short version. Updated: July, 1997. BA (Hon) in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University (1962). Ph.D. in Chemistry from Dartmouth College, NH. (USA) 1983. Since 1983, teaching in the chemistry department, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY. Currently: tenured, full professor. Since 1985, engaged in research on waste m management, incineration and dioxin, and the sustainable alternatives to mega-landfills and incinerators. This research has involved:

i) over 1200 public presentations; ii) travel to 47 US states and 34 other countries; iii) co-editing (with wife Ellen) the newsletter Waste Not, now in its tenth year of publication iv) co-authoring (with Tom Webster, Department of Public Health, Boston University) six papers on dioxin, presented at he 6th., 7th., 8th., 9th., 10th., and 16th. International Symposia on Chlorinated Dioxins, held in Japan, US., Sweden, Canada, Germany and Holland, The first five papers published in Chemosphere v) Co-producing (with Roger Bailey, Fine Arts department, St. Lawrence University) 41 videotapes on waste management and dioxin; vi) Authoring the 48 page booklet “Waste Management as if the Future Mattered” and several other articles on waste. vii) Many radio and TV appearances in many countries.

Other scientific interests: the democratic dangers posed by risk assessment; science in the public interest and the fluoride controversy. Other interests include the producing and hosting of a weekly program on classical music on North Country Public Radio (Canton, NY).