Joint Parish and Town Councils IPC submission

You may recall a group of Town and Parish Councils and MMAG agreed to explore the possibility of submitting a joint response to the Covanta planning application. This would be in addition to any individual response each Council wishes to make, and demonstrate coordinated action.

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Councils have been asked to confirm whether they wishes to be a joint signatory, by MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15th, to the Clerk, at Cranfield Parish Council:

On account of the IPC 500 word limit the response has to be quite general but is written in such a way to allow the opportunity to give more evidence in detail, on all the topics listed, at the next stage in the IPC examination.

MMAG very much hopes Councils will support this – and hats of to Sue Clark, Cranfield Parish Council, Ian Pickering, Aspley Guise Parish Council and Jo Green, Brogborough Parish Council.