Decision on Wind Turbine Under Scrutiny

Serious questions are being asked about how Central Beds Council Planning Committee on November 10th approved a planning application for a wind turbine in the Millennium Country Park – described by Heart FM as the height of 27 double decker buses. Democracy failed for many objections registered on line with Central Beds Council when they were mysteriously lost. Furthermore the vote was knife edge with eight councillors for the turbine and eight against so the casting vote went to the chair who voted in favour. After the vote was taken another councillor arrived who would have voted against.

Councillors Roger Baker, Alan Bastable and Peter Neale reflected eloquently our local opposition and serious concerns were raised by Peter Scott of the CPRE and local equestrian groups challenged whether the moving blades will frighten horses and seriously impact on the suitability of Stewartby Water Sports Club as a venue for sailing events. Revealingly of the two letters of support one was from Covanta who also propose to set up a Forest of Marston Vale Trust Fund with £250,000 in the first year of operation of the Covanta monster incinerator and £50,000 each year thereafter. He who pays the piper calls the tune because residents are increasingly appalled at the Forest Centre adopting a neutral stance over the Covanta incinerator.

The Millennium Country Park seems overly keen to chase the next fast buck rather than plant trees. On the driveway into the Country Park there is a bill board which declares ” Its about using trees and woodland to repair a damaged landscape…and you can help” How does the erection of a huge wind turbine – an industrial structure contribute to reforestation? Of course it will make a commercial contribution to the Park!

In our campaign against the Covanta incinerator we need to beware of the Trojan Horse that lurks in the Millennium Country Park and keep a close eye on Central Beds Council when it considers bids for waste disposal from Covanta. We don’t want to be stabbed in the back by our own council and end up with a wind turbine and an incinerator!

Hugh Roberts