IPC publish initial Covanta representations

The IPC website has now published the representations that it received . Some patience is required as the page takes a little time to load the text of all 1004 representations.

The IPC has received representations from local authorities (8), parish councils (29), other statutory consultees (12), non-statutory organisations (29) and ‘public and business’ (925).

The IPC says that it has removed representations that are vexatious, frivolous or offensive and we estimate the IPC judged 22 to fall into this category.

The eight local authority representation are from the Bedford and Central Bedfordshire, four of the 14 neighbouring authorities (Buckinghamshire -2 representations), Milton Keynes, Aylesbury Vale and Luton and Hertsmere.

Originally the IPC only consulted 15 parish councils but there are 29 representations – indeed 36 parish councils have because some of the representations are jointly made. 14 of the 15 IPC consultees responded plus a further 22.

Out of the 1004 representations made to the IPC only 18 are in support of the application.

Obviously MMAG will be studying the results in more detail.

The next stage is for Covanta, to certify to the IPC that it notified all the right people about the application. The Chair of the IPC, Sir Mike Pitt, will then appoint one or some of the 39 commissioners to examine the application. The commissioner/s first task will be to call a ‘preliminary meeting’, at which the timetable arrangements for examining the application will be discussed. Deadlines such as when detailed representations must be made by (initial representations were limited to 500 words) will be set, and by when comments can be made on other representations.

Although the IPC presumes that everything will be done in writing it was no surprise that a number of those making representations have called for public hearings which may last one or more days.

The date of the preliminary meeting is legally significant because this starts the statutory period within which the application must be examined and decided.

Those who do not attend the preliminary meeting will still be able to find out what happened either by visiting the IPC website or by emailing the project’s dedicated email address rookerysouth@infrastructure.gsi.gov.uk

MMAG will provide regular updates.