ADAG comments re EA consultation

Dear Sirs

I am writing to request that the Environment Agency turns down the
application by Covanta to operate an efw incinerator in Stewartby,

This application is opposed by an overwhelming majority of the population of central Bedfordshire, Central Bedfordshire Council, Ampthill Town Council and all other councils in the area.

CBC’s website summarises the objections in the following terms:

* that the size and bulk of the proposed facility will adversely impact on
the amenity of local residents and on the highway network near the site and
in other parts of the authority area; and

* the size of the proposed facility means it would need to source waste from
a much greater area than Bedfordshire and this goes against national and
local planning policy to handle waste sustainably by using the nearest
appropriate facility and to make provision for local waste disposal

Recent developments suggest that the plant would not cater for any local
councils, all of whom have their own waste strategies which do not include

Ampthill Development Action Group has been formed to oppose inappropriate and environmentally damaging development in the vicinity of Ampthill. The site of this proposed facility is within 4 miles of Ampthill Town Centre. We object to the proposed development and have requested that the IPC rejects the application.

Our objections to the development can be summarised under the following

   – Potential air pollution from chimney
   – Increased HGV traffic movements leading to
      – Road congestion
      – Noise
      – Air pollution
   – Concern at production, transport and disposal of fly ash
   – Light pollution from a site operating 24 hours a day.
   – Visual impact of such a large industrial facility

Yours sincerey

John Andel

Chair ADAG