The Media – Some Handy ‘X factor’ Tips for Demo Day – February 4th

At the demo on February 4th, we will be approached by reporters from TV and the Press and below are some anticipated Questions and Answers that MMAG
supporters may want to use. Remember that everything is heavily edited into a few seconds so its important to make our points succinctly – that’s why
politicians use sound bites. Media interviews can seem intimidating but remember the reporter wants a story so just take a deep breath, talk slowly
and imagine you are talking to friends or family at home or in the pub – although broadcast to millions its an individual who is listening and its your story.

(Q) Why are you protesting today ?

(A) Oldies/Parents may want to say ” we don’t want our grandchildren/children to grow up next to a giant incinerator – we don’t
need it, we don’t want it and we are demonstrating to make sure it doesn’t happen ”

(A) Younger fpeople can say ” This is our future and our environment – young people want a future that recycles and reduces waste – not burns it ! ”

(Q) What do you hope to achieve today ?

(A) We want the IPC to see that we care about our communities and our countryside. We want Bedfordshire to be a destination for tourists not
rubbish !

(Q) Do you think the protest will influence the IPC ?

(A) The IPC can see that we care about our communities and public opinion does matter – after all they are our public servants – this is the wrong
solution in the wrong place for waste !

(Q) Do you trust the IPC to reach an impartial decision ?

(A) We aren’t demonstrating against the IPC – although they are to be abolished next year they have a job to do and we want them to say “No” to
this incinerator.

(Q) Why are you opposed to this incinerator proposed by Covanta ? What detrimental effects will it have ?

(A) It will ruin and pollute the landscape with noise, traffic and harmful emissions.

(Q) Are local people worried about emissions ? Doesn’t the Environment Agency say modern incinerators are safe ?

(A) You bet we are worried. Our scientific advice says the emissions are loaded with harmful nano particles. This incinerator will be burning 600,000
tonnes of rubbish for at least 35 years – that’s 21 million tonnes of rubbish up the same chimney – what goes up comes down – and on top of us !
You don’t have to be a scientist to work out there must be a long term effect on health ! And we hear that Covanta – an American company – have
been served with notices over emissions violations in the States. The environment agency does not have the resources to monitor the incinerator
round the clock – by the time it notices something has gone wrong – its too late – you can’t put the stuff back down the chimney !

(Q) Aren’t you just Nimby’s (not in my backyard) ?

(A) For decades Bedfordshire has been the nations rubbish dump with land-filling. We have done our fair share and more. We are not nimby’s – we
are namby’s : not *always* Bedfordshires backyard !

(Q) Won’t it bring jobs ?

The incinerator will be built by labour temporarily imported and there is no guarantee any of the 60 odd jobs will go to local people. We want high tech
jobs – not jobs using redundant technology that harms the environment ! And to put an incinerator next to a country park will undermine tourism.

(Q) Are you worried that in these cash strapped times local councils will see Covanta as offering a cheap solution to waste ?

(A) So far they have no customers. It would be madness for short term gain to mortgage our future to one company that will demand its monster be fed
for 35 years – a very expensive long term effect on the environment ! And at the May elections voters will remember who was on the side of the people !
If localism is to mean anything it means saying “No” to this incinerator !

(Q) So what happens next ?

(A) We are going to keep campaigning and make sure this incinerator doesn’t happen – this is people power in action.