Prime Minister’s Questions 2nd February 2011

Nadine Dorries MP raised the IPC and Covanta at Prime Ministers Questions on February 2nd, 2011 and mentioned the welcome MMAG and others are preparing for the IPC. Nadines question was: “This Friday, hundreds of Mid Bedfordshire residents, 24 parish councils, the Marston Morteyne Action Group and I will provide a very warm welcome to the visiting members of the Infrastructure Planning Commission who will be coming to decide whether to grant planning permission for the huge incinerator that Covanta wishes to put in my constituency. If we are truly the party of localism, will the Prime Minister give his assurance that the draft national policy statements that will guide the IPC in its decision will be amended so that the weight is given to the wishes of local people? If they do not want it, it should not be imposed on them.”

The Prime Minister replied : “I thank my hon. Friend for her question. We can actually go a bit further than that: I can confirm in her own case that, yes, the IPC will be taking representations from local people, but of course as a Government we have committed to abolish the IPC, because we think that it is too much of a top-down, bureaucratic method and that there should be ministerial decisions that can take into account local opinion and be more democratically run.”

Previously (1 February 2011) in her blog Nadine mentioned:-

The Prime Minister and Covanta “On Friday morning, I shall be joining hundreds of my constituents in Mid Bedfordshire at a demonstration in order to make sure that the IPC understand the strength of local feeling against the proposed Covanta incinerator in Mid Bedfordshire.

The IPC will be visiting the proposed site, Rookery Pit, with representatives of Covanta and local Councils. MMAG are organising a demonstration at the entrance to the site to provide a warm Bedfordshire welcome to the IPC Commissioners.

If you would like to join us, please meet in Green Lane, near Stewartby railway station at 10.30 a.m on Friday morning and bring your Vuvuzela’s with you ! We want to make sure the IPC leave Bedfordshire in no doubt whatsoever as to how we feel about Covanta.

In the meantime, I have a question at Prime Ministers Questions tomorrow and I am going to ask the Prime Minister to join us and if he can’t, which is quite likely, ask for his help on behalf of all of Bedfordshire to stop this happening.”

…………..So well done Nadine !