Meeting with the Minister – Breaking News

MMAG will be part of a deputation lead by Nadine Dorries MP to meet Greg Clark MP, the Minister of State at the Department for Communities & Local Government on Monday night, February 28th in Westminster. 

MMAG supporters will have read with mounting alarm the Ministers response in the Westminster Debate on February 16th. Whilst sharing our concerns over the IPC process and confirming plans for its eventual abolition he appeared to be at pains to stress that we should expect the Covanta application to be decided by the IPC alone “without the possibility of ministerial intervention”. The Minister went on to cite the narrow range of conditions in which Ministers can take decisions out of the IPC’s hands and that “Even if we wanted to stop the process, I do not believe the law would allow us to do so”. The Minister also assumes that the National Policy Statements will be designated thus activating the IPC decision making powers.

Clearly we will challenge the Minister to explain exactly what can be done as people have been encouraged recently by Prime Ministerial statements. It would be intolerable for our communities to be left stranded on the shore as the tide of localism swept away the IPC and condemned to live with its only ever decision. Indeed people might be forgiven for then comparing Greg Clark with Pontius Pilate ! 

Please see post – Minister urged to Exercise his Powers for an update on the meeting