MMAG attends Energyscapes and Ecosystem Services Workshop

16th March 2011 at Cranfield University

MMAG participated in this workshop on a 12-month research project called “Energyscapes and Ecosystem Services” –Click Here to View Report – which used the Marston Vale as a case study area. The project has sought to describe and map the demand and potential supply of energy (electricity, heat, transport fuel) for the Marston Vale together with relevant “ecosystem services” (e.g. food, feed, wood, bird habitats, recreational opportunity). The workshop examined how the methods and results developed can help inform land planning and local decision making.

Presentations also included Energyscapes and Ecosystem Services rationale for new ways of describing energy demand and supply within a landscape (David Howard, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology); Renewable energy, food, feed and wood demand and supply within the Marston Vale. (Paul Burgess, Cranfield University); Renewable energy and farmland birds (Simon Butler, University of Reading). Andrew Mead (University of Warwick) explained how the impact of different renewable energies can be considered using a number of implementation scenarios. Dan van der Horst (University of Birmingham) and Richard Wadsworth (CEH) lead a discussion on the implications of the study for local and national land planning and decision making.

UKWIN, the United Kingdom Without Incineration Network have also recently published a piece on how Energy from Waste can contribute to the looming UK energy crisis – Click Here to View