Harlington Annual Parish Meeting

MMAG was invited to give a presentation to the Harlington Annual Parish Meeting on April 18th and explain the implications for communities just beyond the border of the Marston Vale.

Harlington as a village community is already fearful of ‘development creep’ that may come from the reconfiguration of Junction 12 and other proposed developments such as the new football stadium. A key concern is traffic volumes and as with Marston a deep seated desire to remain an essentially rural community. Key issues raised were whether Junction 12 will attract Covanta traffic and why any additional waste is coming to Bedfordshire at all !

Previously MMAG attended a meeting of the action group fighting the Twin Woods incinerator proposal at Milton Earnest on the old airfield – now subject to local planning appeal and detailed scrutiny where the local authority are first in the decision making process – the reverse of the IPC process. However the aims of our sister group in Milton Earnest are identical to ours – to fight of an incinerator that no one wants