Warren Farm Development – Ampthill

What with our proposed/potential developments in Marston Moreteyne MMAG supporters will be interested in a website set up by developers to ‘inform’ residents of ‘developments’ in nearby Ampthill. We may see something similar here.


Planning Permission has not yet been given for this development.

We understand that one idea is to ring Ampthill with roundabouts and the concerns of residents are unsurprisingly focused on extra noise and pollution from so many extra cars and over subscription of Redbourne school (currently by 50 or so students a year without allowing for the new children from Ampthill Heights who must must be included in this before the children from the new development. There are concerns that children from Maulden and surrounding villages will be excluded.

Developers also intend to put on a general exhibition for residents to view some time in the future.

There is debate amongst local residents that further building should not take place until the effects of traffic from the Limes, Ampthill Heights, Centre Parcs and possibly the Covanta incinerator have been thoroughly assessed and our infrastructure addressed. This would also include money to boost emergency services and extra accommodation for the older population.