CPREs Reaction to IPC Decision

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Latest on Waste: Energy from Waste Plant (Covanta) at Stewartby 

Update 17th October 2011

Decision made by the Government on the Energy from Waste Plant at Stewartby

The IPC (Infrastructure Planning Commission) has decided in favour of the Covanta incinerator proposal in the Marston Vale. CPRE and other local campaign groups as well as both Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire Council are deeply disappointed. You can read the reasons for the IPC’s decision here:

Download IPC Panel’s Decision and Statement of Reasons     PDF 1.17MB

The IPC’s consent comes with conditions which must be met. The Environment Agency is yet to give its approval and to date Covanta has no significant customers so the economics of the incinerator still don’t stack up.The fight goes on.

CPRE Bedfordshire is dismayed that the IPC, on behalf of the Secretary of State, has granted consent for the development of an incinerator/energy from waste plant at Rookery South. A Development Consent Order will be issued by a Parliamentary Office in due course.  There are still a number of stages left in the political process before final consent is granted but meanwhile CPRE sees the proposal as signalling the re industrialisation of the Vale and an end to the existing intentions to ensure that the Vale is returned to its historic state of open countryside and a vital rural resource, with the Marston Vale Community Forest at its centre. The amenity of the Vale will be impacted on severely in relation to noise and air pollution, excess lorry traffic and the depletion of the setting of many rural communities. As an environmental organisation we also have grave concerns over the significant impact the development will have on the region’s sustainable waste strategy.

Download CPRE Bedfordshire’s press release about the IPC decision     PDF 112KB-a revised version will be uploaded shortly but see attached