Reaction of Local Residents to the IPC’s Decision

“No surprises there, It’s exactly what the IPC is meant to do – steamroller local community opposition to environmentally damaging projects.”

“One word. GUTTED!”

“I am horrified, so gutted for you all.”

“Yes, the fight will go on!! So, so disappointing though……………………..”

“I am so angry about this. This is a monumental mistake. The fight goes on.”

“What a sad day for The Marston Vale, but as you say the fight must go on”

“PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get Greenpeace involved !!!!”

“So very sorry to hear this awful news. Well done on fighting a tremendous campaign and keep up the good work”

“I wanted to let you know at the soonest opportunity that I am with you and other supporters in the continued fight against this totally inappropriate and unwanted incinerator. opened the IPC’s email moments after it arrived yesterday, and disappointment and anger were exactly what I felt. Along with a sense of total disbelief that all of those clearly articulated, rational objections were swept aside, for a trickle of electricity and a lazy, unimaginative solution to dealing with residual waste. The IPC’s ‘decisions and reasons’ document reads like a ‘this-is-a-sound-objection-but-we’ll-ignore-it-in-the-light-of-national-interests’. The IPC’s decision flies in the face of common sense, justice, democracy and morality. What a shame.”

“The communication from the IPC was quite condescending re asking for the full decision document, ie. they seemed to feel that we would not be capable of reading all 171 pages so I will inconvenience them as far as possible by requesting a hard copy. Maybe all stakeholders should do this. Why should we have to print it ourselves? A thousand odd copies will cause them quite a lot of work.”

“Thank you for all the work you have done on this – am delighted that you are prepared to continue the fight. Best wishes and good luck. “

“Thanks for the bad news – MMAG must be really annoyed after all your efforts, and Nadine to a point. If it does definitely go ahead we won’t be recycling so they can come and take one bin away and we will be changing our allegiance. Perhaps we should do that now! Will the Environment Agency throw it out or is that another body to be disbanded. This would mean the death of promoting this area for tourism! Sorry rabbiting away, so frustrated with it all. Let us know if we can do anything please.”

“I am sorry that our efforts didn’t stop IPC approval, but hopefully we still have hope!!”

“Don’t give up yet, we were on holiday in Cornwall last week when an application got refused after the local people took it further.”

“I saw the news report on the Norfolk incinerator. I thought we were recycling more than Norfolk are so how are we going to maintain the level of incineration products for 25 years for Covanta!!”