Minerals and Waste Core Strategy – Consultation on ‘Soundness’ – Closes 29th January

A public consultation on the “soundness” of the Minerals and Waste Core Strategy has opened and will close on 29th January 2012
The document, which will cover the period from 2013 to 2028, is a planning strategy which sets out core policies on which future waste management development and mineral extraction will be assessed. The Plan also identifies strategic sites for mineral extraction, as well as non-hazardous waste landfill and waste management facilities which are required to recover and recycle materials from waste over the Plan period.
The Core Strategy has been developed by the Minerals and Waste Shared Planning Service which acts on behalf of Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire, and Luton Borough Councils.
We are asking the public to comment on whether the document legally complies with plan making regulations, and is “sound” according to the following definition:
Justified – this means founded on robust and credible evidence base, and being the most appropriate strategy when considered against reasonable alternatives. There should be evidence of participation of the local community and others which have a stake in the area. Choices should be backed up by facts.
Effective – this means deliverable (with no barriers, and with partners who are signed up to proposals); coherent with strategies of neighbouring authorities; flexible to change. The document should be able to be monitored, showing who is responsible for delivering the policies and proposals and when they will happen.
Consistent with national policy – or if there is a departure from it, it must be justified.
The consultation begins at 9 am on the 5th December 2011, and runs until midnight on 29th January 2012.  Copies of the consultation documents can be downloaded from the Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire, and Luton Borough Councils websites at:
Bedford Borough:
Central Bedfordshire:
Luton Borough
Comments can be emailed to mwplans@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk,
or sent by post to:
Minerals and Waste Shared Planning Service,
Central Bedfordshire Council,
Priory House, Monks Walk,
Chicksands, Shefford,
SG17 5TQ
Alternatively you can read the document and make your comments directly by visiting the consultation portal:
(Please note that the Minerals and Waste Core Strategy will not be available to access through the portal until the consultation begins at 9am on Monday morning (5th of December 2011).
Finally, a copy of the consultation documents is also available to view at Council offices, main libraries, and “points of presence”. The details of these locations are set out in full on the Council’s website. If you would like to discuss the document further please do not hesitate to contact Lester Hannington on 0300 300 76219 or Susan Marsh on 0300 300 6032.