UKWIN’s End of Year Review

UKWIN Coodinator’s End of year review: Reflect, Celebrate, Donate!

In 2011 MMAG signed up to UKWIN a network of groups fighting incineration as a solution to our waste. Their position is that UKWIN opposes the incineration of household waste, both directly in waste incinerators and indirectly through refuse derived fuels or co-incineration in cement kilns. 

This is UKWIN’s end of year review: 

Dear UKWIN Member / Supporter 

As we approach the end of the calendar year, UKWIN has been reflecting on 2011, including outlining some of the many causes for celebration and spelling out some of the many good reasons why UKWIN is worthy of your ongoing support.

Please [Click Here to] read the 5-page document, and circulate this to your own group’s members and to fellow campaigners. 

Please also move forward with renewing your membership (at

and making your generous financial contribution (see 

And don’t forget to make a note of the date for UKWIN’s gathering in London on Saturday 21st April 2012.

Please note that the UKWIN “office” will be closed from 19th December 2011 – 2nd January 2012, and from 2nd – 9th January the Coordinator will be extra busy catching up with e-mail messages and closing business from 2011. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

All the best for the Holidays,


Shlomo Dowen

National Coordinator,

United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWIN)