Boundary Changes Affecting Mid Bedfordshire

MMAG responds to further consultation on Boundary Changes Affecting Mid Bedfordshire

MMAG has commented on the proposed parliamentary boundary changes that include the proposal to cease Mid Beds. MMAG supporters can write a similar response if they agree, sendng to the Boundary Commission at

Dear Chairman, 

I am writing to support the proposal submitted to the Boundaries Commission by Central Bedfordshire Council for the following reasons: 

1. The Boundary Commission proposal crosses county boundaries three times (the largest number in the entire UK), while the CBC proposal only crosses them twice.

2. The Boundary Commission proposal will ‘move’ many more voters than the CBC proposal.

3. The CBC proposal contains lines of communications that are much shorter and therefore more effective.

4. The CBC proposal maintains Central Bedfordshire’s sense of place as a rural area distinct from the urban conurbations to the north and south.

5. This strong rural definition is a tourist attraction and economic asset for the area as has been recently confirmed with the announcement of the new Center Parcs site in addition to Woburn Safari Park, Woburn Abbey and Elstow Abbey. 

My belief is that Bedfordshire and Central Bedfordshire very much matter and that Parliamentary Boundaries should concord with a sense of place. I agree with the view of Central Bedfordshire take that the current three rural wards in Central Bedfordshire should largely be retained as is, with some small changes to accommodate the need for a larger Bedford constituency. 

These constant changes have resulted in a loss of identity at a local level and confusion amongst residents over responsibility levels. The new Central Beds Authority is now settling down and making great strides towards building closer link with villages and adjacent market towns. 

Whilst recognising the aim for equalising Parliamentary constituencies, this further restructuring will once again lead to a further loss of identity and alienation of the community. 

I would like to support the proposal by Central Bedfordshire Council which will ensure that our community retains a sense of place and retain a logical link with our Parliamentary representative. 

Yours sincerely

Stewart Long
on behalf of
Marstom Moretaine Action Group