Joint Committee for Special Parlimentary Procedure Appointed and Holding Preliminary Meetings

The Joint Committee tasked with considering 5 petitions against the Order has now been appointed held a preliminary meeting in private at 10.00 on Wednesday 4 July 2012.  The Committee then held a second preliminary hearing on the scope of their consideration of the Rookery South Order at 4pm on Wednesday 11 July 2012 in Committee Room 4A in the House of Lords. They heard representations from the petitioners and the applicant for the order.  A large part of the hearing was open to the public and a transcript produced of that part of the proceedings.

The members of the Committee are:-

Member Party
Mr Brian Binley Conservative
Lord Dear Crossbench
Bill Esterson Labour
Lord Faulkner of Worcester Labour
Lord Geddes Conservative
Paul Uppal Conservative