MMAG Spring 2013 Update from Chair

On April 4th the leadership of MMAG met and reviewed where we are and go next.

Obviously the news that Covanta received parliamentary approval was disappointing news but we are all of the view that MMAG is still going to keep fighting daft planning proposals and campaigning for sustainable development. Covanta still don’t have enough customers to feed the monster incinerator so despite having planning approval they may not yet make the economics stack up. Either way MMAG will monitor every emission and planning transgression to ensure that the environmental safeguards are rigorously enforced.

But we must not forget that although Covanta looms large on the horizon there are other developments that mean we have to be on alert. Marston Park is filling up and we have the unnecessary development planned for Moreteyne Farm which will add to the pressure on infrastructure, schools, transport and our future as a village.

MMAG welcomes our new residents at Marston Park confident that they too will have moved here because of our rural, tranquil environment and the fact we are not a Town and all that comes with urban living.

It should not be forgotten that the Eco Town proposal reared its ugly head recently again when Central Beds called for sites to be developed for housing. The idea was not taken forward by the Council but it could be resurrected at any time in the future.

So MMAG isn’t going away and later this summer we will be hosting a open event to encourage all to get involved to protect their future – more details to follow !

Hugh Roberts

Chair – MMAG