Covanta’s Waste Plans Go Up In Smoke

As MMAG predicted the economics of the Covanta monster incinerator proposal for Rookery Pit has not added up. With only one customer, Maidenhead and Windsor, for their diabolical scheme and their failure to secure waste management contracts elsewhere across the UK has led to Covanta seeking buyers for its UK operation. Click Here to view Article by Lets Recycle

However, the local community may not yet be rid of a giant incinerator on its doorstep. One of Covanta’s major assets is the Rookery Pit site already designated for waste management and landfill. It also has a development consent order recently approved by Parliament. Other waste management companies may still see the opportunity and enter the game with an identical or similar proposal.

MMAG will remain opposed to any proposal that seeks to process waste from outside our communities at Rookery Pit. Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire Councils continue to promote their own locally based waste management solutions.

It is a frightful irony that local opposition identified the financial incompetence of the proposal. However, the now defunct Infrastructure Planning Commission and the parliamentary authorities saw fit to give permission to a company that never had the money to build what they proposed. So much for national experts telling local people what’s good for them!

To paraphrase Churchill, this may not be the beginning of the end for debates about Rookery Pit; but for Covanta it’s the end of their beginning in the UK. Either way it’s a victory for local people and their MP Nadine Dorries.