Central Beds Development Strategy – Public Consultation open till 26 August 2014

URGENT – Consultation only open until 26th August

Within the revised consultation is the proposal for a substantial development that would create a number of new, but closely related small settlements (up to 3 with c.2,000 population each). The site runs from Brogborough passed Lidlington up to the Millennium Country Park at Marston Moreteyne.

Central Beds planners have noted that the Bedford / Kempston / Northern Marston Vale area was designated as a growth area in regional and sub-regional strategies, now revoked. As such it has seen considerable growth in recent years, primarily at Wixams, development at Marston Moreteyne and substantial committed development in neighbouring Bedford Borough and Milton Keynes. There is also considerable development planned for elsewhere in CBC, for example to the north of Houghton Regis and to the east of Leighton Buzzard. The current adopted Core Strategy for the North of Central Bedfordshire, i.e. the old Mid-Beds area, had identified enough land for development until 2026. This includes the Marston Vale. Therefore, there is no immediate need for this site as currently identified housing need has or will be met for the foreseeable future. Longer term needs remain unclear.

MMAG encourages local people to engage with this consultation. It is important that when responding people reject this reheated Eco-Town proposal strongly. Reject it as the planners do for now but also stating it is never acceptable as forces coalescence of our village communities into a pseudo eco-town.

MMAG has responded to 3 different sites which will affect the Marston Moreteyne area:-

  • Site 27 ‘Marston Valley’ Strategic Allocation proposal – as described above
  • Site 33 Rookery South, Stewartby – proposal for 52ha of employment land
  • Site 7 Brogborough Lake North – Part of Marston Vale – proposal for 31.23ha of employment land

Click Here to view MMAG’s response – feel free to use or adapt all or some of the content for your own submission


Details of proposal

Click on Publication Consultation Documents & Questionnaire

Scroll down and click on Sustainability Appraisal Assessment of Sites – Part 2 (PDF 9MB)

Site 27 ‘Pseudo Eco-Town’ –  page 267 (side page indicator 69) -Map of site page 251

Site 33 Rookery South, Stewartby – page 297 (side page indicator 135) – Map of site page 309

Scroll down and click on Sustainability Appraisal Assessment of Sites – Part 1 (PDF 5.7 MB)

Site 7  Brogborough Lake North- page 52 (side page indicator 65) – Map of site page 63


How to respond to the Consultation

When responding – please make sure you refer to  Site 27 “Marston Valley’ Strategic Allocation proposal’

Online Consultation Form

Consultation Form that can be printed and filled in by hand- must be sent to

FREEPOST RSJS GBBZ SRZT (you do not need a stamp)
Development Strategy consultation
Central Bedfordshire Council
Priory House
Monks Walk
SG17 5TQ

by 5pm 26th August 2014

Central Beds Guidance on how to complete Consultation Form

MMAG’s submission – use or adapt all or some of the content for your own submission