Chairman’s Update Summer 2014

Our neighbourhood remains an area targeted for housing development, energy infrastructure and waste disposal. MMAG continues to monitor these developments, engage in the planning process and when necessary organise opposition to proposals that threaten our way of life.

Millbrook Power Project (Rookery Pit South)

The power generation plant planned for Rookery Pit South would operate 1500 hours a year to deal with peaks in energy demand (e.g. when many people across the country boil kettles after popular television programmes) and will be fuelled by natural gas.

Obviously MMAG regrets any industrialisation of Rookery Pit South. However, the plant will not involve large numbers of lorry movements or involve pollution to the environment. We are more concerned about the cumulative impact of what else is planned for the site. It remains designated as a landfill site and the development consent order for the Covanta incinerator proposal is still live; though the Environment Agency element of the order has lapsed.

Our local MP, Nadine Dorries, has suggested that Rookery Pit, if there must be development, is utilised as a solar energy site. MMAG endorses this proposal as a long term solution for the future of Rookery Pit South.

Millbrook Technology Park (Proving Ground)

Millbrook Proving Ground are applying for planning permission for four separate sites within the existing boundary which will involve three new vehicular access points and remodelling of the existing entrance. MMAG are concerned that additional traffic will be generated when the village is already plagued by HGVs on route to the Proving Ground who ignore the suggested preferred route to the site via the B530. Ideally we believe that the long term solution would to be to re-site the entrance to the whole site to near the turn for Lidlington off the A507. This would involve a new access road and major upgrading of the junction. However it would then eliminate the need for traffic to pass through Marston Moreteyne, Lidlington or Millbrook.

Moreteyne Farm Housing Development (behind the Little Chef)

In addition to the housing development at Marston Park there are plans for housing at Moreteyne Farm behind the Little Chef site. This could eventually lead to development all the way from the Little Chef to Wood End. The plans include traffic calming and re-designation of the old A421 as a ‘boulevard’ to join the new development with the existing village settlement.

Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council has established a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to formulate a neighbourhood plan for Marston Moreteyne. This will involve:

  1. Identifying locations where we accept development may be suitable
  2. Areas we wish protected and
  3. Create a list of improvements and benefits to the Parish we would want from any ‘planning gain’


It is hoped to have prepared a draft plan by early autumn of 2014. MMAG have been strong proponents of this approach as a way of giving people and communities more control over the shape of their village, their community and their future.

Brogborough Landfill Turbines 

The planning application for eight turbines at points around the edge of Brogborough landfill site was refused by Central Bedfordshire Council with only one vote in favour. We continue to monitor the situation in case of any appeal or revised submission.

Hugh Roberts, Chair MMAG