Millbrook Proving Ground to Expand

CBC has approved outline planning for a new technology park within the Millbrook Proving Ground creating around 1000 new jobs. MMAG supports the sustainable growth of the site; but this is an automotive industry base. The offer of a cycle lane and bridle path from the train station to Millbrook are not the solution to the significant problems currently affecting local villages from the site’s traffic.

MMAG have proposed that the site owners and Central Bedfordshire make a real commitment to the site and build a new entrance and road improvements from the A507 at the Bury Ware turning for Lidlington. This is the closest point of the site to a major road and would remove all the traffic from Marston Moreteyne, Millbrook and Lidlington.

If CBC really believes the site to be a ‘jewel in (their) economic crown’ let them show some imagination for the site’s future alongside growing family based village communities