Milton Keynes eyes up Central Bedfordshire east of the M1…..again!

Milton Keynes is considering and seeking views of potential expansion of the new town across the M1 into Salford and heading for Cranfield. MMAG has previously challenged this option for expansion and has done so again now.

For the draft paper explaining their thinking [Click Here] and the map indicating potential expansion sites [Click Here]. MMAG’s letter in response [Click Here].

MMAG encourages local residents to email the department handling development plans. It is important to note that they are considering both expansion across the M1 and the possibility of a ‘garden town’. This again has a familiar ‘eco-town’ ring to it and MMAG strongly encourages you to raise your objections now at this early stage of deliberations to reinforce with them that all that we fought for in 2008/09 still holds true:

  • we are a location of individual villages,
  • coalescence of Milton Keynes and Bedford into one sprawling urban area serves no-one well and
  • the regeneration of the Marston Vale never included concreting over the Vale.

Email to express your views, ideally before 3rd December 2014