Further discussions on level crossing re East West Rail

As plans to progress for the Bedford Bletchley train line to become a limited stops train line Bedford to Oxford consultation continues on the management of the existing car and pedestrian crossings. If you do currently cross the railway line and are used to very few and fairly short delays, you may want to attend the next round of consultations as indications are that the crossing will be closed more frequently and for longer periods.

The next phase of public meetings and consultation will cover the 33 crossings between Bedford and Bletchley. No decisions have been made regarding these crossings, so this is an ideal time for local residents and communities to understand initial proposals and have input into how these proposals are developed further.

This series of meetings is a forerunner to formal consultation required as part of the statutory process to obtain any necessary authorisation for the railway through a Transport and Works Act order.

Date Location Crossings
 8th April



Aspley Guise Village Hall




·         Mill Farm footpath

·         Sewage Farm footpath

·         Aspley Guise MCB

·         Old Manor Farm footpath

·         Berry Lane private user worked-crossing

·         Long Leys private crossing





Aspley Guise Village Hall




·         Husborne Crawley FP6  footpath

·         Matey Boys private crossing

·         Husborne Crawley Footpath 10

·         Ridgmont (public highway level crossing)

·         Broughton End footpath

·         Forty Steps footpath

·         Playing Field footpath



14th May  

Stewartby Village Hall,


·         Green Lane public highway level crossing

·         Stewartby Brickworks private vehicle crossing on public footpath route

·         Wootton Broadmead public highway level crossing

·         Wootton Village footpath

·         Kempston Hardwick public highway level crossing

·         Woburn Road footpath


 4 th  June  


Lidlington Village Hall




·         School Crossing Lidlington footpath

·         Lidlington public highway level crossing

·         Pilling Farm South (Timberland Trail) footpath

·         Marston public highway level crossing

·         Millbrook public highway level crossing

·         Millennium Park footpath


25th June Bow Brickhill , Village Halll ·         Fenny Stratford public highway level crossing

·         Bow Brickhill public highway level crossing

·         Browns Wood footpath

·         Pony Crossing bridleway

·         Woburn public highway level crossing

 26st  June




Woburn Sands

Summerlin Centre



·         Woodleys Farm Private user-worked crossing

·         Fisherman’s Path footpath

·         Woburn Sands public highway level crossing

·         School Crossing Woburn Sands footpath