MK eyes up land east of M1 – Again!

The potential expansion zones for the next PlanMK have been released
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In April 2009 at the MMAG conference Marston Vale 2050, the MK Planning Department representative stated clearly that there were no plans to cross the M1 and to do so was unappealing due to the lack infrastructure, including power connections. At that point their growth exploration had one option of six crossing the M1 towards Cranfield, Salford and Brogborough. This exercise shows two of four proposals crossing the M1. A third developing to J13.

The change in thinking and equalising of options crossing the M1 with those not is a surprising and worrying shift of position with clear intent. In the earlier discussion leading to these four proposals there was also an option of ‘mirroring’ MK on the east of the M1. Literally, replicating the same scale of the existing new town onto the land east of the M1.

MK Expansion Options
1. Expansion to west and south down to J13 of the M1
2. Substantial expansion into land on the east side of M1
3. Satellite settlements (crossing M1)
4. Intensification of urban area

One option of satellite settlements (minimum 5,000 homes), a series of smaller expansions of current villages, ominously still make reference to the fact that this could still be dropped for an option of a single large scale development (strangely similar to an eco-town).

Proposal (1), proposes growth all the way to J13 on the west side of the M1. They also refer to possibilities of “potential strategic green space” from J13 of the M1 to Brogborough Lake, despite this area not being within the boundaries of MK.

How to respond to the Consultation

The Consultation is running for 12 weeks between Wednesday 13th January and Wednesday 6th April 2016. All comments must be received by 5pm on the closing date.  Please note, all comments will be made publicly available – therefore responses are not confidential.

We would encourage you to respond to the consultation via the Council’s online portal which can be accessed
at: Objective Online Portal – Plan:MK 

Alternatively, you can send your comments by email to There is a word version of the Comments Form available at: Plan:MK Strategic Development Directions Consultation Comments Form (DOCX, 52KB) which sets out the questions in the consultation document.

Finally, you can post your comments to : Development Plans Team, Milton Keynes Council, Civic Offices, 1 Saxon Gate East, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 3EJ.