Covanta Incinerator Update

Earlier this month Covanta issued a press release regarding a renewed interest in moving ahead with the Incinerator at Rookery Pit Stewartby in partnership with Veolia.
Supporters will be aware that following a lengthly battle by local groups and residents – Covanta received planning permission in 2013.
MMAG has since gained additional information regarding the current situation.
Covanta – Veolia Partnership
MMAG understands that the partnership between Covanta and Veolia will be – Covanta will construct and operate the Incinerator and Veolia will provide the waste.
Differences in capacity quoted
The original proposal was 585,000 tonnes a year generating 65MW – now Covanta’s website claims 480,000 tonnes a year generating over 50MW
MMAG understands that Covanta may not choose to run the plant at maximum output which is why they are claiming less.  Covanta do not want to make any changes to the planned build that will trigger a new planning application.  Even if they cannot provide enough waste to hit the maximum allowed by planning – they intend to go ahead with the plans that have been granted in 2013.
Outstanding Questions
It is still not clear where enough waste to run this size Incinerator will actually come from.  Recycling targets mean that there is a lot less waste around than 6 years ago – when Covanta originally put forward this proposal.
There is no information regarding what will be happening to both the toxic fly ash and the bottom ash accounting for around 25% of the original mass burned.  Will there be an application for a toxic landfill next to the Incinerator in Rookery Pit or will this ash by taken elsewhere?  
The Way Forward – What You Can Do
Covanta have yet to apply for and receive an Environmental Permit – which we can fight against on both health and environmental grounds including: emissions ( including Covanta’s poor and ongoing violation record) , toxic fly ash, water contamination, impact on local wildlife, impact on Community Forest, impact on wetlands, traffic issues, localised meteorological changes etc
We need to ensure that as many people as possible are aware of Covanta’s plans by spreading the word and using the updated posters and information flyers found at
– display these posters and encourage others to do so
– talk to your friends and neighbours – who may not be aware
– encourage others to sign up for MMAG updates
As soon as MMAG is aware of an opportunity to write letters etc of objection – we will let you know – what, where, when, how and who.