Central Beds Call for Sites for Development Update

Following on from their Call for Sites available for development  – Central Bedfordshire Council has published all sites that have been put forward.

The sites can be viewed by Parish here http://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/planning/policy/local-plan/call-for-sites/overview.aspx

Marston Moretaine – Description of Land and Map

Millbrook – Description of Land and Map

Lidlington – Description of Land and Map

You will notice there is very large amount of land highlighted in the Marston Vale – particularly land totally surrounding Lidlington, land between Marston Moretaine and Lidlington and land surrounding the Sheltons .  Very much along the lines of the proposed Eco-Town (as was).

The Council claims that the maps show all available land and only 4-6% of the whole shown will be required for development.

Disturbingly the website does quote “We may also need to deliver homes for neighbouring authorities that are unable to meet their own needs, due to lack of suitable development land.”  Clearly a reference to the PlanMK.

It is not clear whether the 4-6% includes the amount needed by other authorities or not.

The Council is to put on a number of shows over the summer – details unknown at this time  and will conduct a public consultation from 30/06/16 – 29/07/16.

Please watch the website for updates and sign up for emails alerts from MMAG. Through this process many of the submissions will be declined, but it is key that your local voice is heard every time.

When the opportunity to contribute your views is opened, we will let you know immediately.