Covanta Environmental Permit Update

1 .Covanta to attend pre-application meeting with Environment Agency

MMAG understands that Covanta and Veolia are due to met for a pre-application talk with the Environment Agency sometime next week.  This meeting will not include any specifics at this stage and is more of a formality to start off proceedings.

2. Will Brexit Vote affect the Covanta Project?

In discussion with the Environment Agency MMAG understands that whilst the UK remains in the EU as far as the Environmental Permit application – all will proceed as usual.

It is unknown at this time if the current EU directives – particularly the Industrial Emissions Directive will be adopted in full by the UK government following exit from the EU.

Incineration itself is a relatively new technology and the UK have not had to produce laws regarding associated emissions etc as there was not large scale Incinerators in existence prior to the EU taking control of these laws.

MMAG understands that the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) will be playing a big part in the exit negotiations and the way forward and it is not in their interests to see standards go backwards.

3. History of Incinerators and Environmental Permits

MMAG queried if any other UK Incinerators had been declined an Environmental Permit.  To the officer’s knowledge none had been declined.  However the point was made by the Environmental officer that Incineration is still fairly new and the numbers involved in the UK is relatively small.