Covanta – Update from the Community Liaison Panel

The Rookery South Community Liaison Panel met again on October 17th.

The minutes of what was a very full agenda will be published in due course. However 3 issue of note were that:

  • Strictly speaking the electricity subsidy scheme of 10% of the average electricity bill in any year payable to households only applies to those households at the time of the S.106 agreement. We have asked for urgent clarification about what subsidy is available to new households, for example those in Marston Park and Moreteyne Farm built since Covanta got planning permission. Also it’s not clear how an average bill will be calculated.
  • The plans for traffic management & enforcement of lorry routes appears to rely on residents bringing violations to the attention of Veolia who will check complaints against the electronic tracking history installed on the lorries. We have asked for a more robust and proactive approach by Veolia where they do the checking and reassure local communities rather than residents having to do the policing.
  • Fluid from the plant should not come into contact at all with the surrounding water table or local drainage – a key issue for the Stewartby Lake users. However it wasn’t clear what mechanism there would be to detect accidental pollution – stuff happens after all. We have asked for a more robust inspection regime that can detect spillage or contamination immediately rather than at some vague point thereafter – if detected at all !

The next meeting will be March 2017.

Covanta are expected to do a further leaflet and information event before then.