Large scale business development targets Junction 13 – Public Consultation until 25/01/17

A new sizable application for yet more storage and distribution hangers has been made for land from Brogborough to Salford.

If this goes ahead alongside the already approved very large Wooton to Kempston business park alongside the A421 the level of HGV movement will be very high.

This even before the potential of the incinerator traffic starts affecting communities if Covanta finally succeeded.

Those already using the new J13 / Bedford / MK road will know how unreliable it is becoming in the rush hour periods and how much traffic has already moved back onto the old A421.

MMAG have opposed this development as follows:

We object to this proposal as it creates an over supply of employment land
requiring substantial HGV movements.

The area already has sufficient approved employment land of this type and this proposal over develops a small village location.

The impact on the road network alongside approved development in Brogborough, Bedford Council approved employment land at Wootton and the potential for a Covanta incinerator means that the local road network, though recently upgraded, will be insufficient to accommodate the scale of HGV movements in the area.

MMAG also objects on the grounds that this area should remain predominantly green field to support the barrier to block Milton Keynes expansion across the M1 east toward Bedford and villages like Marston Moreteyne.

If you would to know more and/or comment/object to this development please visit CBC website at RAP&RIPNAME=Root.PgeResultDetail&TheSystemkey=600955