Local Development Plan – Have Your Say

Public Consultation Open 4th July – 29th August

After many years of trying O&H appear to be succeeding in persuading Central Beds to consider large scale development locally. Their repackaged mini “eco town” proposal, is now presented as four villages & including references to the proposed Bedford – MK canal is being presented as an option for thousands more homes.

The Draft Local Plan consultation is open for feedback from 10am 4 July to 5pm 29 August 2017. Public drop-in session will be open from 2pm – 8pm on Tuesday 11 July, Marston Sports Pavilion

When engaging in the consultation you may wish to reflect on whether local infrastructure can cope including roads, GP service & schools. You may also want to consider why such a proposal is being squeezed into such a small location.

It might appear that there is little strategic planning in the proposal and more land owner developer led behaviour being shown.

Finally, you may want to reflect on the 3 village concept Wixams, which within a year had substantial further housing allocations made to it increasing the size significantly and where developer agreed contributions have not materialised e.g. train station or been downgraded e.g. series of village greens become single open space. Also where additional large scale employment land and waste management sites are being proposed.

Click Here for the Central Beds Local Plan Portal where you can view documents and submit your comments