Central Beds Publishes Comments to Local Plan

CBC local plan comments

Central Bedfordshire Council – Email Update (see below)

View the comments online

You can now view and read any of the 6,275 comments we received during our Local Plan pre-submission consultation (Regulation 19) as they have all been published online.

There is a magnifying glass icon next to each chapter/comment point, which you can click on to view comments on that topic. Alternatively, you can go to ‘Search Representations’, which is at the top of the page, choose the relevant document and search that way.

Each of these comments has been processed, read and considered. In response to this feedback, we are recommending minor modifications to the Local Plan.  

We are taking the Local Plan to a Full Council meeting tomorrow (26 April), for it to be authorised for submission to the Secretary of State.   

If councillors support the recommendation, we will then be submitting the Local Plan to the Secretary of State at the end of this month. After this, a Planning Inspector will review the documents and set a timetable for our Local Plan to be heard at a public examination.     

The report that will be discussed at the Full Council meeting is now available to read online. The meeting is open to the public and will be broadcast live online. It will also available to watch online after the meeting.  

Visit our Local Plan web pages for more information and future updates.