Reply from Swansea – MMAG complaint re Covanta Waste from Wales

Please see below the reply to MMAGs letter from Interim Chief Executive of Swansea City and County Council . Click Here to View MMAG letter

Dear Mr Long,

Further to your email below.

Swansea Council has sought to divert its residual waste from landfill to Energy from Waste in line with Welsh Government’s Towards Zero Waste and Beyond Recycling strategies.

Our procurement process did not specify which thermal treatment had to be used or where any destination had to be. The procurement process engaged with the residual waste disposal market across the UK, and sought the best technical and financial option available at the time of tender. Commercial strategies, including their available capacities, of all outlets determine how tenderers approach the procurement process, and ultimately determined the end destinations of our residual waste through this process. No facilities would be accepted if they were not fully permitted and regulated by the relevant environmental regulatory body.

With regards to the future, the current contract which commenced early February 2022, is for 3 years, extendable to 7 years, although the contractor has the opportunity to propose an alternative end destination at any time, including the planned facility at Newport Docks, when it becomes available.

Swansea Council continues to seek to minimise is residual waste through the promotion of re-use and recycling and is not committed to a guaranteed minimum tonnage under the current arrangements.

Martin Nicholls
Interim Chief Executive