MMAG action ensures hedge row reinstated

MMAG became aware that one of the developers of the Marston Fields site had removed a sizable section of the well-established hedging that protects Wood End from the large development site near Gee View. This was action in breach of planning approval that showed clearly the hedge should be retained the entire length of the development giving the established community of Wood End a level of protection from the extensive new build site.

MMAG is delighted that having raised the issue and shared photos with the Compliance Team at Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC), their persistence and commitment led to the following statement by the developer:

“Firstly, I offer sincere apologies for the situation that has occurred. Secondly, I’ve discussed the matter with our engineers who are in the process of arranging re-planting of the vegetation/hedges with our landscapers and contractors at the earliest possible time – given planting season is upon us I trust this is an acceptable way forward to resolve this matter.”

When challenged to ensure a series of twigs were not going to be the replacement offer, the developer stated: “We intend to plant mixed species “instant hedging” which will be fully established when installed and will blend with the existing surrounding hedging.”

MMAG thanks CBC Compliance Team for their responsiveness and we will monitor the replacement work done by the developer on behalf of the community of Wood End.