Marston Valley New Villages (MVNV) Traffic Impact Questioned

Central Bedfordshire’s Highways team have submitted their initial response to the planning application for the New Town absorbing Marston Moreteyne and Lidlington. The response raises many of the concerns expressed by the Stakeholder group and specifically requires a redoing of current and then the predicted traffic flows generated by 5,000 homes and large-scale employment land allocations.

MMAG is very supportive of the initial response, but will be raising strongly our concern over the Highways team’s current position on Station Road from the Marston social club to the proposed new roundabout towards Millbrook station. The team currently suggests that a minor reduction to 50 mph would be acceptable. It is not. The one significant benefit that the existing community of the village must secure is the shift of all through traffic to the new road (2nd village bypass) that will be built from the old A421 (now C94) to the proposed roundabout near Millbrook station. Leaving a long straight 50mph road for traffic to speed on, will draw traffic to the existing route and through the village. Station Road, alongside all other entrance/exit points to the village needs to be made unappealing – and in so doing driving the traffic to the new road when built.

MMAG will continue to fight for the calming and re-routing of traffic across the village that the twenty years of building work of a new town must deliver for the established community. Click Here to View The Highways team’s submission.