About MMAG

MMAG (Marston Moreteyne Action Group, formerly MMETAG) is a non-political group of volunteers who originally joined forces in July 2008.

Our original focus was to stop plans to build a so called ‘Eco-Town’ in the Marston Vale area. We proved highly effective in co-ordinating opposition to those plans including getting over 700 villagers to march on the A421 (see the video below).

MMETAG Members
MMETAG Members

The Action Group was re-launched in 2009 to fight inappropriate development that would swamp and urbanise our individual and distinct rural communities. On these pages you can see our history in the successful defeat of the ‘eco?town’ proposals as well as the current threat from incinerators and the East of England Regional Assembly new town proposals..

Please click here to view a video of the March or click here for the March Page