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MMAG Representatives will be available on Saturday 20th July to discuss your concerns regarding local developments.

Visit us either outside the shops 11am – 1pm or at the Forest Centre 11am – 4pm for more information on the following:

  • Hallams ‘Moreteyne Farm’– substantial housing and employment development (part) approved for land behind the Little Chef
  • Successful integration of ‘Marston Park’ and ‘Moreteyne Farm’ which together will more than double the size of the village
  • 8 Wind Turbines at Brogborourgh Landfill
  • 10,000 tonnes Crop Feed Anaerobic Digester at  Stewartby Landfill
  • Single Wind Turbine at Stewartby Landfill
  • Update on the Covanta EfW Incinerator at Rookery Pit

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Breaking News

Due to a resignation a Notice of a Vacancy on the Marston Moreteyne Parish Council has been posted by Central Beds Council on the Parish Council noticeboard (just outside the Co-op & on the side facing the post office)

If by December 14th, 2011, a request for an election to fill the vacancy is made in writing to the Officer at the address below by TEN electors for the Parish, an election will be held to fill the vacancy, otherwise the vacancy will be filled by co-option. This means the Parish Council will choose who is the new Councillor.

If an election is called, it will take place not later than February 20th 2012

Brian Dunleavy
Democratic Services Manager
Central Bedfordshire Council
Priory House, Monks Walk, Chicksands, Shefford, Bedfordshire SG17 5TQ

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Clearly everyone who fought the Covanta proposal will be deeply disappointed and angry to learn that despite overwhelming local and national opposition the IPC have imposed the monster incinerator on the Marston Vale.

MMAG and others are studying the IPC decision:


MMAG initial response is that the IPC consent came with conditions which we will ensure are met. Of course the Environment Agency are yet to give its approval and to date Covanta have no significant customers so the economics of the incinerator still don’t stack up.

The fight goes on and a more comprehensive statement will be made in due course.

Hugh Roberts

Chair MMAG

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Parish Council Elections

All 12 seats on the Marston Moreteyne Parish Council are up for election.

If you interested in becoming a Candidate a Nomination Paper and Consent to Nomination document must be printed, completed and a hard copy delivered to the Counting Officer, Priory House, Monks Walk, Chicksands, Shefford, Bedfordshire SG17 5TQ by noon on April 4th 2011

Please Click Here to download the Nomination Form Pack

Candidates will need to know their electoral number in order to complete the forms. If you have trouble locating your number it can be obtained from the Central Bedfordshire Poll Cards currently being delivered to residents.  Alternatively you can contact Hazel Trustam the Marston Moreteyne Parish Council Clerk who has a copy of the electoral register on 01234 743598 or email at h.trustam@btinternet.com.

Brian Dunleavy of Central Beds Council will oversee any election if more than 12 nominations are received.

Formal notice of the election can be found on the village Newsagent window and the Parish Council notice board at the junction across the road from the Post Office.

If you live outside of the Marston Moreteyne Parish – other Parish Councils are also up election – please ring Central Beds Council on 0300 300 4049 / 0300 300 8000 and ask for Electoral Services to obtain a Nomination Form Pack for the Parish.

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Public Notice of Demonstration

MMAG confirms demonstration and attendance of Nadine Dorries MP with
Bedfordshire Police

Alfred Hitchcock
Chief Constable
Bedfordshire Police,
Woburn Road,
Kempston, Bedfordshire, MK43 9AX

Dear Sir,

The Marston Moreteyne Action Group (MMAG) and our sister Group ‘Our Marston
Vale’ plan to hold a public demonstration on February 4th from 10:30-11:15am
outside the entrance to Rookery North and South Pits where Covanta propose
to site an Electricity from Waste Generating Plant.

The Infrastructure Planning Commission will be visiting Rookery Pit at that
time with representatives of Covanta and local Councils and the purpose of
our demonstration is to make our opposition heard.

The entrance to the site is just beyond the eastern side of Stewartby
Railway Station on Green Lane.

We will steward the demonstration and expect to be accompanied by *Nadine
Dorries MP* and other leading local political figures and the media.

We do not plan any disruption to traffic on the public highway outside the
site and would value close liaison with your local officers to ensure
safety. We can be contacted at this email or on 01234 768575.

Yours sincerely
Hugh Roberts

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The IPC has announced the timetable for the review of Covanta’s proposals and also released a series of questions they wish to explore.IPC documents – Notice of Procedural Decision and Advice Note

As we thought the IPC have decided to rely on written responses at this stage which must be submitted by February 28th 2011 from those who have registered with the IPC.

If you are unsure what you want to submit to the IPC don’t forget to check MMAG’s Local Impact Report  for ideas. In addition Stewartby Parish Council are holding an open meeting in Stewartby Village Hall on Thursday 3 rd February focused on preparing submissions to the IPC, so why not pop along? More details will appear on the website shortly.

Please read the documents as there are dates and issues that you may have a particular interest in. However some key dates that we all need to note are as follows:

Friday 4th February – The IPC will be visiting Rookery Pit with representatives of Covanta and local Councils. MMAG and Our Marston Vale are organising a demonstration at the entrance to the site to provide a warm welcome to the three IPC Commissioners. More details to follow but please:

Meet – In Green Lane, near Stewartby railway station
At      – 10.30 a.m.
On     – Friday 4th February
Bring – banners and placards etc!

*Please note this is a public highway and young children and pets must kept under strict control for their and others safety.*

The IPC plan to visit the site again on 12th July 2011 – please note this date

Tuesday 5th & Wednesday 6th July 2011– Open Floor Hearings at the Forest Centre daytime and evening, designed to ensure local people have access to the IPC and can express their views directly.

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MMAG Registers with the IPC

MMAG has now formally registered with the IPC and strongly encourages all concerned residents and groups to do the same.  MMAG’s registered statement is as follows:

The IPC should refuse consent for the Proposed Rookery South Energy from Waste Generating Station (EfW) because the cumulative detrimental effects – drawn from the headline generic impacts outlined in the Revised Draft Overarching National Policy Statement for Energy (EN-1) and Renewable Energy Infrastructure (EN-3) – listed below outweigh any potential benefits;

(A) Air Emissions

(1)  The cumulative long term impact on the health of residents anxious about the EfW stack emissions over the life cycle of the plant accentuated by the meteorological phenomenon of temperature inversion within the Marston Vale.

(B) Biodiversity and Geological Conservation

(2) To situate the EfW within Rookery Pit South adjacent to the Marston Vale Millennium Country Park – a primary purpose of which is to re-forest the Marston Vale – would be a retrograde step ecologically and lead to significant habitat loss and ultimately the industrialisation of Rookery Pit South.

(C) Dust, Odour, Artificial Light, Smoke, Steam and Insect Infestation

(3) There will be loss of night sky with severe light pollution.

(D) Landscape and Visual Impact

(4) The sheer size of the EfW and stack (accentuated by the plume) will materially impair the visual amenity and panoramic views of this essentially rural landscape.

(E) Noise

(5) There will be significant disturbance from the intermittent noise of HGV’s and the continuous noise from the EfW itself in a tranquil setting.

(F) Local and Regional Waste Management

(6) The EfW will undermine local waste strategy and discourage recycling.

(G) Socio-Economic

(7) The electricity generating capacity of the EfW in terms of average domestic consumption is exaggerated.

(8) The abolition of regional spatial strategies undermines much of the socio-economic justification for the EfW for future housing projections and the waste theoretically arising.

(9) EfW assembly will be undertaken by labour imported temporarily into the area and the remaining permanent jobs will have a negligible effect on overall employment patterns – of which there can be no guarantee, will be offered to local people.

(10) There will be a detrimental effect on existing property prices which in turn will depress economic activity and undermine the ambition of local communities to develop as tourist destinations and not somewhere other communities send their waste.

(H) Traffic and Transport Impacts

(11) The traffic volumes will be beyond the existing and predicted capacity of the road infrastructure with huge potential for congestion further afield at key junctions in Milton Keynes and the motorway network and the traffic arrival and departure times will lead to significant disturbance, traffic congestion and noise to surrounding communities.

(12) Despite the fact that Rookery Pit lies between two rail lines all waste to the EfW will be delivered by road.

(13) There has been no consultation by Covanta on the impact of the proposed impact on communities beyond the Marston Vale.

For these reasons above we propose to provide further supporting detailed evidence that the IPC should conclude this proposal is the wrong solution to dealing with waste in the proposed catchment area and in the wrong location.

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